Sustenabil-Benelux is a small company from Republic of Moldova that since 2007 offers individual assistance to engineering and ir.arh bureaus from Belgium and Benelux countries. Since our very beginning we put the emphasis on quality, not quantity. Being trained in the begining extensively and directly by a Flemish engineer

we can now deliver 100% Belgian result from first project of any new client.

During the years we have gained especially big experience in providing drawing services for structural engineers 

(stabiliteit bouwkundig tekening). Moreover, we also do stability studies for small projects and this way offer  complete integrated solutions to some of our long-term partners. ‚Äč

We deliver high quality only because we invest our own time to understand the individual style of each engineer first. Second, we take our time to undertsand the particularities of each project and only after this do and time the work itself.

In our job details don't mean much, they mean everything. We believe this is the only key for long-term success of any collaboration. And last, using English just for written communication, we use in our work only original Dutch and French terminology. 

Briefly said, our work is 100% identical to that of an experienced engineer and drawer inside your own office,

that is always there when you need him. But let our past, present and future work say the rest.


                          Met vriendelijke groeten,

                          Ion Iatco, zaakvoerder van Sustenabil